International Conference on Computer Application and Intelligent Control Technology (CAICT 2024)


Call For Papers

Call For Papers

We invite papers of relevance to the subject of the conference which might include consideration of:

Computer Systems and Information Security

▪Object detection and tracking
▪Image segmentation
▪Image classification and identification
▪Dynamic system modeling
▪Data privacy protection
▪Smart contract
▪System security and risk assessment

Big Data Analytics and Data Mining

▪Optimization and improvement of clustering algorithm
▪Data visualization analysis
▪Construction and evaluation of text sentiment analysis
▪Heterogeneous database
▪Pattern recognition
▪Text mining
▪Classification algorithm
▪Association rule algorithm

Cloud and edge computing

▪Cloud computing architecture
▪Cloud computing resource management policies
▪Big data and cloud computing technology
▪Resource scheduling
▪Task migration
▪Edge device coordination
▪Distributed storage system

Intelligent control

▪Intelligent sensor
▪Remote sensing
▪Virtual simulation
▪Human-computer interaction
▪Machine control
▪Remote control
▪Visual analysis
▪Machine vision